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Virtual Interview

A virtual interview allows employers and candidates to "meet" and interact using video, instant messaging programs, and web-conferencing services. Whether you're participating in an in-person or virtual interview your goal is the same - to make a lasting impression that earns you a subsequent interview.
Pre-Recorded Video Interview

On-Demand Video Interview

View the Pre-Recorded Video Interview at your own ease. Share it with your colleagues and seniors. Take screening of candidates to next level and select the right candidates for in person interview.
Interview Builder

Interview Builder

Prepare for the interview with our intervoew builder. We have a set of common questions asked for screening interview. Send them to the candidate with few clicks of button.

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Would you like to speak to one of our advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

How it works?

1. Create Company Profile

Create your company profile with Interactive CV. This will help candidate to know more about the company they will apply for.

2. Invite for Virtual Interview

Use our Virtual Interview feature to conduct an interview with candidates from anywhere on this planet. Do initial level assessment before taking any decission.

3. On Demand Interview

Dont have time for Virtual Interview, No Problem. Use our on demand interview feature and ask the candiate to answer questions and send the video link to you. All using Interactive CV.

4. Interview Builder

Use our interview builder to create a interview question set for the candidate in just few clicks.

5. Hire the right Candidate

Interactive CV ensures that you hire the right candidate. With features like Virtual Interview and on demand interview, you can pre-assess the candidate before initiating the full scale hiring process.

We keep adding features

This is not it. We will keep adding features which will keep your hiring process simple and smart.



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Interactive CV provides a platform for Employers to do smart screening of potential candidates. Use the pre-recorded Video Interview feature and go through the interactuve CV and do a smart selection of the perfect candidate for your company.

Interactive CV for Employer, gives Enterprises and Organizations a unique platform with features like Virtual Interview, On Demand Interview, Recruitment tracking and mush more. The recruiters can do smart hiring, pre-assessment and hire the right candidate.

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