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Interactive CV is a unique tool for hosting your CV. With its multimedia features you can create a an awesome profile. It also brings a unique feature of Video and Audio CV which gives life to your CV. Show case your projects and increase your chance to get a job offer!

Video and Audio CV

Interactive CV is the only platform which hosts Video and Audio CV along with your Web profile. With Video CV you can reach out to the prospective employer and show case your talent which the old fashined paper CV will not.


Increase your eligibility

A recruiter has in average 8.8 sec to screen a CV. With interactive CV you can have a better chance to get selected. Video CV has made a lot of difference and can a well made CV makes all the difference.



Donot worry, your data is safe with us. It will be only visible to registered companies who are looking for candidates like you. Your data will not be shared with anyone else.

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Create an AWESOME Web Profile in 5 simple steps

Its Simple!

Use our simple and easy to use CV Builder to create a profile. Put in your details like your education, work history, skills, achievements, projects and portfolio.

Tailor make your website for each Job oppurtunity.

Every job oppurtunity is different and a generic CV will not be a match to each of such oppurtunity. Create multiple profile using the CV Builder and crate Interactive CV and customize it to fit best for the opportunity. Use your Interactive CV to highlight the skills required for the job.

You have just 8.8 secs and thats all!

Choose from scores of templates. We have tetmplates designed using the latest desigb techniques. Each of these templates are designed by experts to distinguish your Resume from the rest! You have got just 8.8 seconds and thats all.

Go beyond words! The best way to communicate is to show.

Use the Interactive CV platform to showcase your talent using Video or Audio CV. Upload a Video and Audio CV and make it part of your profile. A research show that the best way to communicate is by visual and audio stimulus and it works wonders.

Share publically or privately!

Share your Interactive CV on Social media or Share your CV with your potential employer. Give private access of the CV you created to your prospective employer. This will ensure that the version of your profile can be accessed only by the prospective employer and no one else.

Interactive CV

Career Website and Paper CV

With Interactive CV you can create a Career Website which will act like your personal online Resume, and you can also get a Paper CV which can be downloaded and printed. Choose from various awesome templates and make an impressive CV and Career Website.

Fully responsive and Retina Ready

The templates are designed using modern design techniques making it fully responsive so that your profile will appear eloquently in all devices like mobiles, tabs, laptops. High resolution and material design ensure retina ready Website pages which give both professional and appealing look.

Interactive CV

Check out some sample CVs

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